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Pharmacy Near Me

Pharmacy Near Me

The US pharmaceutical market remains the largest in the world, accumulating over 40% of the global market. The US healthcare system spends 17.8% of GDP. This is one of the highest rates among developed countries.

According to a QuintilesIMS study, in the United States over the past ten years, spending on medicines has increased by 11% to $ 895 per capita.

According to forecasts, over the next five years, spending on medicines in the United States will increase by an average of 2–5% annually, and by 2021, it will reach about 375–405 billion dollars.

Two major players dominate the US pharmacy market: CVS Health (CVS) and Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA). According to analytical reviews, the company’s turnover is 29% of the total volume of recipes sold in the country. CVS and Walgreens control half of the pharmacies in 70 of America’s 100 largest cities.

Alabama (AL) – Alaska (AK) – Arizona (AZ) – Arkansas (AR) – California (CA) – Colorado (CO) – Connecticut (CT) – Delaware (DE) – Florida (FL) – Georgia (GA) – Hawaii (HI) – Idaho (ID) – Illinois (IL) – Indiana (IN) – Iowa (IA) – Kansas (KS) – Kentucky (KY) – Louisiana (LA) – Maine (ME) – Maryland (MD) – Massachusetts (MA) – Michigan (MI) – Minnesota (MN) – Mississippi (MS) – Missouri (MO) – Montana (MT) – Nebraska (NE) – Nevada (NV) – New Hampshire (NH) – New Jersey (NJ) – New Mexico (NM) – New York (NY) – North Carolina (NC) – North Dakota (ND) – Ohio (OH) – Oklahoma (OK) – Oregon (OR) – Pennsylvania (PA) – Rhode Island (RI) – South Carolina (SC) – South Dakota (SD) – Tennessee (TN) – Texas (TX) – Utah (UT) – Vermont (VT) – Virginia (VA) – Washington (WA) – West Virginia (WV) – Wisconsin (WI) – Wyoming (WY)

Walgreens Pharmacy

The pharmacy chain works in 44 countries. In the United States, the company operates 8100 pharmacies. The largest number of drugstores are in Florida – 83, Texas – 713, and California – 633.

Walgreens is the largest pharmaceutical wholesale distributor in Europe. The pharmaceutical network is represented in 19 European countries.

Network advantages:

  • low prices for general immunization;
  • discount system;
  • service for virtually every US community;
  • a comprehensive prescription savings program helps citizens without the insurance to save money on conventional medicines;
  • prescription reward system;
  • wide range of goods.

Cons of the network:

  • high prices for prescription drugs;
  • fewer pharmacies in settlements compared to the closest competitor, CVS;
  • low customer satisfaction of network pharmacies according to reviews.

CVS Pharmacy

In comparison with Walgreens, which has many offices around the world, CVS Health is present in the United States and Brazil.

CVS Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain operating in 9700 pharmacies nationwide. The corporation is the largest supervisor among preferential pharmacies in the country.


  • support of all settlements of the country;
  • location of pharmacies in supermarkets;
  • assistance of specialists with minor ailments and immunization;
  • first aid provision;
  • a wide range of cheap pharmacy products;
  • social discounts;
  • reward cards.


  • high prices for immunization, over-the-counter medicines, personal care products, and makeup products.

Today, both brands are working hard to maintain market positions because they have serious competitors such as Walmart and HEB Pharmacy.

The confrontation of the two largest pharmacy holdings in America lasts for more than a decade. Each company fights for leadership among pharmaceutical services, improves the quality of services, and proposes innovations.