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Walmart Pharmacies Lake Worth FL

Walmart Pharmacies Lake Worth FL

There are 3 Walmart Pharmacies in Lake Worth, Florida.

Best Walmart Pharmacies in Lake Worth, Florida

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 4105 S State Rd 7, Lake Worth, FL 33449

Phone: (561) 207-3471

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Publix stopped taking GoodRX for one of my medications so I got surprised with a more than double price… I came here and Booklynn filled my prescription same visit, so I didn’t have to be without another day. I really appreciate her help and I will be bringing almost all of my other prescriptions here (Publix fills one for free). – Stuart Hankins

This is a great pharmacy! The staff are caring and work to get you the prescriptions correctly and speedily. I have been using this particular pharmacy for the past year. Their prices are generally lower than anyone else. – Alison Albury

Always has been a good experience. Used to shop at Publix, but Walmart’s prices are much lower. My only criticism is that their produce could be better. – Arlene Cohen

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 4545 Hypoluxo Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33463

Phone: (561) 642-2608

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


The most Courteous staff at the Pharmacy, i have been going there for the past three years. They treat you with respect I am always addressed by my name – Roland Bennett

I called this Walmart after having outpatient Back Surgery in Orlando and having been held up on the turnpike because of a 5-car pileup. My normal pharmacy closes at 8 pm so I called the pharmacist at the Walmart on Hypoluxo in Lake Worth to see if they had a particular pain medication that I had to have filled. She rudely told me that they were not allowed to provide this information on the phone due to the medication and that they had to enter my driver license with the medication. I told her I would be there in a few minutes. When I got there I went to the drop off window and asked to speak the pharmacist. I was told to go to the consultation window and wait. She was finishing up something on the computer which was fine. When she came to the window she said I had to follow procedure and go to the drop off window. I wanted to understand the process and again she rudely did not offer any sort of explanation but to follow procedure and go to the drop off window. All I needed was to have it explained to me what the procedure was because I was concerned that they would put my information in the computer not have the medication and I would then not be able to go somewhere else. She was unprofessional and extraordinarily rude. Today I have spent 5 hours getting the run around trying to complain. I did tell the pharmacist off by calling her a bad name and telling her where she could put it. This is out of my character but when a person is in pain and treated like this what do they expect the reaction to be?

If this Walmart Pharmacy feels this is the proper way to treat any customer, they do not deserve to be in business. I do not use pain medication so I did not understand the process. A professional takes the time to help when needed and not insult a person for not understanding.

I went to another brand name pharmacy and my questions were answered in a polite and professional manner. The needed medication was provided without issue.

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 6177 S, Jog Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467

Phone: (561) 964-0607

Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)


Great customer service. Had some difficulty applying a coupon to a prescription. Ramin helped me out and took care of me. Highly recommend! – Said Sadat

What a great pharmacy team! They are very friendly and helpful at this Wal-Mart pharmacy, especially the pharmacist Iner. He has helped me several times with the insurance companies who would prefer to see you dead than get your medicine. He has argued on my behalf to get the medicine I need for the several rare problems I was lucky enough to get as I got older. He really put in the effort, and managed to get me my medicine when I needed it to try and keep me alive a little longer. Thank you Iner and Team! – Ron Stewart

There is a, what I am assuming manager, that has very poor customer service and is very disrespectful to the cashier. He has dread lock twist hair. I believe his name is “jr”. He should never talk down to a female cashier ever. Especially in front of customers. Wal-mart needs to get rid of him. – Jose Hernandez

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