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Walmart Pharmacies Corona CA

Walmart Pharmacies Corona CA

There are 3 Walmart Pharmacies in Corona, California.

Best Walmart Pharmacies in Corona, California

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 479 N McKinley St, Corona, CA 92879

Phone: (951) 270-0388

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


This Walmart had everything that you expect from a Walmart. It is nothing special however it is clean and well stocked with a wide variety of products. The staff was friendly and the prices as expected were very good and affordable. I would recommend this place for a quick shopping visit. – Aaron Klatt

The sales rep who sold me my new phone and service was absolutely fantastic. Lisa took care of me while training a store associate and she did so in a timely and respectful way in both aspects. She saved me money and she got me a new view of Walmart altogether, a much better one! – Regina Taylor

Me and my mom went here to get a few items. A employee did great us coming in. I had to go to the rest room. The lady that was cleaning the rest must had notice I had vision problems she told me were the men’s restroom was at with out me asking. Also the cashier smiled and talked with me and my mom while she checked us out. – Delon Jackson

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 1560 W 6th St, Corona, CA 92882

Phone: (951) 393-6406

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Parking not so good considering the large criwded housing area it is located in. However great for quick grocery sotrr shopping and the prices are always the lowest or equal to the closest grocery store stater bros. On border. Far chesper tgan the nearest drug store. CVS at 6th and sherman. – Grace Ellerbrock

It is a nice store. It was clean and well maintained. There was a wide variety of food items. The fruit and vegetables were fresh and well stocked. The prices are reasonable. The staff was friendly. It puts our Wal-Mart in Devine to shame and it is a super store. You can be a super store even though you’re small. – Mary Schmidt

Neighborhood good place & very convenient market for the immediate neighborhood. Would like to see belly pork slabs for sale, dumplings (beef, chicken, crab, fish, shrimp; etc). Kimchi & kimchi ramon, Polynesian staples like cooking bananas or plantain, affordable taro roots, breadfruit, passion fruits & etc. – Ephraim YeePoong

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 1290 E Ontario Ave, Corona, CA 92881

Phone: (951) 278-1645

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


This is a rating for their photo printing service. After having a baby, i have had to find a way to print my baby pictures. I feel like this place is insanely inexpensive (.09 cents a picture.) I have ordered them through the website, and I also just today ordered through the app on my phone which was SUPER easy. I like how I also don’t have to pay for them until I pick them up just in case an employee makes an error.

A few months ago I ordered for my parents, and I just had them shipped to my parents address.

We also did our Christmas cards to celebrate Jesus Christ (God in the flesh being born according to the Bible and Roman Historian Tacitus and Josephus) , and I loved the results. I was nervous because we did it through a different well known retailer in the past, and they goofed it up (their printer ran out of ink and our cards had streaks through it and they still shipped it to us), but Walmart has been hitting home runs in this area IMO with no problems at all. – Rob

Went to get my passport pictures done, but was informed that the person in charge left early. Today I decided to call before going, 2 hours until closing and no one pics up after multiple calls. Called the store and asked them to check if there’s anyone in the Photo Center, was left waiting for 10 min. Another person picked up and asked me what I’m on hold for, after I explained she disconnected me.
Just awful customer service! Going to CVS across the street. – Ahrar Ahmad

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