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Walgreens Pharmacies Redding CA

Walgreens Pharmacies Redding CA

There are 3 Walgreens Pharmacies in Redding, California.

Best Walgreens Pharmacies in Redding, California

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 115 Lake Blvd E, Redding, CA 96003

Phone: (530) 229-1519

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Reading an old review (below). Yes, I was very disappointed by that interaction. I must say that I received an apology call and have experienced nothing but superior service since that time. I continue to use this store and enjoy the experience. We all have good and bad days. I am impressed by those who can correct a wrong and create a positive outcome.

OLD REVIEW:Terrible experience at this Walgreen’s today. I have bought many $1000s of prescriptions here since this store opened. I know many in the pharmacy by name and generally like them very much. Today I had a small issue that ended with the on-duty manager. In the end I felt the manager acted very poorly to resolve the issue. In the end his behavior causes me to end my long relationship with this store. I know, I am only one person and it will make no difference to this bad manager or this store. It will make a difference to me. – Jim Nelson

One of the only places with proper burn medication and treatment for first-degree second-degree burns. Large selection of first aid supplies. Easy access location. – sh9down onme

Helpful staff, good selection. Prices are good on the rewards deals, however regular pricing is a bit spendy. – Bryan Shuffleton

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 980 E Cypress Ave, Redding, CA 96002

Phone: (530) 221-5028

Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


I’ve had one person in the pharmacy give me vague information regarding an insurance issue which was not the insurance companies doing, which leads me to believe he didn’t know what he was doing, or the system was down. Either way, I’ve been here for 5+ years, over $3k in meds a month, 24h pharmacy is nice. – Austin Warkentin

Moderately high priced. Store could be cleaner. Seems like a long wait to just get a flu shot. But if you need to run in for a quick item good spot to do it. – sh9down onme

It used to be my favorite store I would always by my makeup their. The reason why I stopped going is because there prices are high as hell. – Bria Etter

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 1775 Eureka Way, Redding, CA 96001

Phone: (530) 241-3294

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


I Called and spoke with 2 different Pharmacy Tech’s and neither of them were helpful. Both were rude to me and told me they couldn’t do anything. Angela and Lindsey can’t do their job so why do they even work there!?! cut your loses and go to Owens, It’s down the street and they’re all polite there. – michelle martin

I have had nothing but problems since I switched to this pharmacy. They have never had enough of my prescription, I have had to go back there at least 2 times up to 4 times for one prescription. The staff is rude and uncaring, I usually do not give business ratings, but I have never experienced such unprofessionalism. – Leslee Landis

I was picking up a prescription for my daughter they said it would be a 15 min wait. I was waiting in line with no cars behind me. Then they tell me they will cancel my prescription, and send it back to the original pharmacy if I don’t move my car. In all the years I have been to a drive up pharmacy I was never told I needed to move unless other cars pulled up behind me. – Shadow Abreu

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