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Pharmacies Marina CA

Pharmacies Marina CA

There are 5 Pharmacies in Marina, California.

Best Pharmacies in Marina, California

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 133 General Stilwell Dr, Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 883-5721

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


Beats going to the Target in Salinas any day. Just seems that at this location im not waiting in line to checkout for an eternity. Plenty of parking always and the vibe is just different. Took off 1 star because the restroom seemed like it hadnt been tended to in quiet some time but all in all good experience. – Hector Ninertileyedie

Was easy to get in and out. Very clean inside with wide isles. Lots of parking. And best of all is they have a starbucks inside. Keeps you shopping without getting to tired. And it isnt crowded. Good deals if you look for them. – Joey Hathcock

Way better than Walmart! Always very clean, and staff are extremely helpful. Love the new shopping center off Imjin, and Target is the perfect centerpiece! I’d love it if they opened a garden center…. – jen Doreck

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 268 Reservation Rd, Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 384-1605

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


I went in to get a flu shot and the pharmacist told me to come back tomorrow even though they weren’t closing for another hour. She was rude and inconsiderate because I was lugging my baby around in his carseat. I went out of my way to go there and she didn’t even take the time to come to the counter to talk to me, she yelled across the pharmacy to tell me to go away… I’m never going back even though we have always used that pharmacy before now. – Courtney Throop

Constant difficulties getting prescriptions from this location. My doctors (yes multiple doctors) contact them several times and they still say they don’t have the prescription. Very very frustrating. There is something very wrong with their processes. One of the more difficult interactions I had to come back 3 times to fill a prescription. In between I was getting texts or a phone call saying it was ready. Each time it was not. In the end another pharmacist gave me a discount for my troubles….but the problems are still there. – catina smith

While in the store today, I was greeted & assisted by David. He is very polite, helpful, as well as friendly. Thanks so much for your time and help!! Also, the store is very clean & organized. Cynthia is also very nice & helpful!!

–Andrea – Jayden Vaughn


Address: 455 Reservation Rd # G, Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 384-8080

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


Horrible never get meds sent on time when time is critical. Put my health in life in danger. Thier attitude sucks. – Tom Johnson

Walmart Pharmacy

Address: 150 Beach Rd, Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 883-9920

Rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars (2.8 / 5)


Plenty of good parking smaller grocery and meat selections than other Walmart superstores I have been at but that’s common in small towns good fishing supplies if you decide to go fishing Marina beach is 2miles away and there is a gas station at West end of parking garage very close to most marina motels – Ned OConnor

Always messy, terrible staff especially the management. If you need help getting anything plan to wait 30 minutes or more. I stopped buying spray paint, fabrics or electronic items here. It’s faster to drive to Salinas than get timely service here. Always poorly stocked too. Maybe the worst Walmart ever. – Tracey Salbacka

A lot of items don’t get re stocked even though the close every night.
Also a very limited selection of clothing. And the most annoying and very inconvenient re stocking schedule that starts be placing pallets in a lot of the isles more than 2 hrs before they are scheduled to close. – Mark Eberhart

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 226 Reservation Rd, Marina, CA 93933

Phone: (831) 384-4700


Multiple issues over the course of last year. If I didn’t have Calpers forcing my hand to use Walgreens, I wouldn’t. They’ve filled an RX with wrong number of pills, messed up refills, tried to fill my RXs under my husband (and then tried to blame doctor), and a bunch of other issues. – Georgia Pritchett

Unreasonable pharmacy policy. 30 day refillable continued prescription. Last p/u 1 Aug. Went for refill on 29th so I don’t run out. Refused to fill the prescription until day it’s due. No care that you run out of prescription that day. Treats everyone like a drug criminal. – marie holderness

Manual the pharmacist is very cold and has horrible customer service. Probably won’t come back do to his lack of understanding and compassion. Not one person waiting and told me 50 min to fill prescriptions! For my mother that is in pain and just got released from hospital with major back pain guess she will have to wait even though no one was in line. Also came back more then an hour later and still had to wait another 15min. If you want to waste time pick this store – LUXEVACA COM

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