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I've been taking it for about a week now. Fingers crossed, it seems to be helping. I take a 100mg dose once a day, and I haven't had any adverse side effects that are possible.
Right now, my routine is as follows:
  • First thing in the morning: 100mg Doxycylcine
  • Glass of water
  • Wash face with Dove hydrating soap
  • Salycytic acid spot treatment
  • Oil free spf 15 moisturizer
  • At lunch time I usually take Vitimins A, E, C, Fish Oil, and Biotin
  • My lunches has consisted of spinach salad with olive oil, a fruit, and typically a sandwich on whole wheat
  • Sometimes I'll put more spot treatment on throughout the day
  • before I go to bed I wash my face again, spot treat and moisturize
My approach is holistic. I am hoping I will finally get past this with the help of internal and external medicine, as well as a clean diet and lots of exercise. I think I caused a lot of problems for myself by destroying my skins natural protection with too much harsh washing and drying out from products. I'm hoping the doxycycline will help my skin reset and recover so I can get back to the point where minimal care is necessary.
Anyways, that's what I've been going through. What I wanted to know, is if anyone else has used doxycyline, and how it went for them? Thanks!
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Doxycyline doesnt last forever.  At least for me, the moment i stopped using it i broke out really bad.  
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isn't this the one that causes suicide?
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isn't this the one that causes suicide?
Haha, no. It's an antibiotic.
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Last day of doxy was yesterday for me. Not sure if I should keep taking it (ran out of pills), but it takes about 1 month to fully clear up.
I took 2 everyday, and it helped a lot with my larger cystic bumps, but didn't do much for the red bumps.
basically the antibiotics primarily help from inside skin out, while topical solutions are the opposite.


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I was on Doxy for 3-4 months, 2 pills a day. Worked pretty well but eventually I guess my body became used to it and it stopped working- started breaking out pretty badly. I was switched to Minocycline which had the same effect and now I'm on Ampicillin. I took about a few months break in-between each antibiotic. This time I'm on Retin-A along with the antibiotic.. so hopefully my body doesn't respond the same way.