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CVS Pharmacies Walnut Creek CA

CVS Pharmacies Walnut Creek CA

There are 4 CVS Pharmacies in Walnut Creek, California.

Best CVS Pharmacies in Walnut Creek, California

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 1960 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Phone: (925) 947-6050

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Brand new, larger store just opened recently to replace older, smaller location. Much better selection of all products. The staff is still friendly and helpful. – John Cothran

The staff is fine and works with my doctors to correct prescriptions.
UNFORTUNATELY they are saddled with a automated Reminder system that cannot be customized properly; I’ve asked them to Stop Reminders but they still keep coming. Corporate customer service is useless! – Em Eff

They have always had my prescriptions prepared on time, accurately and I requested explained to me. In addition, they have always been friendly and shown patience with the customers who they serve. – Frank & Linda Haswell

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 1871 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: (925) 979-0095

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Wait at the pharmacy is not too bad. Line to checkout can be really long. The staff are very helpful but have an annoying habit of saying “welcome to CVS” everytime you walk in. Things are generally in stock and prices are reasonable. – Noelle Boring

I used to go to the Target Pharmacy, but since it changed to CVS it has significantly gone down hill. There is always a wait to talk to someone on the phone (usually 5-10 minutes), and they routinely haven’t finished filling prescriptions by the time they say they will. I switched to a different pharmacy, and won’t be going back. – Sam Tooley

My kids were diagnosed with Pertussis this week. My son on Wednesday and my daughter on Friday
On Wednesday i went to get my sons antibiotics and was charged $19.94 and given a bottle with powder in it with instructions to add 9ml of water. I went home & added the water. Didnt think anything of it.
On Friday I went in to pick up my daughters antibiotics (similar dosage & same medicine) was charged $4.94 and given the bottle with it already mixed but i noticed significantly less liquid than my sons bottle.
The first problem in this scenario is that my sons meds were charged without insurance. When I mentioned this to my pharmacist on Friday she made it right and was able to refund me the $ in Target store credit.
The second problem was that they gave me his meds without premixing it themselves. I learned later on this is a big no-no. They should always premix the meds for you.
The third problem is my daughters meds were improperly mixed. The pharmacist should know how to properly mix meds no matter how busy they are.
The $ issue doesnt bother me so much as the problems with the medicine.
The pharmacist should be able to hand out meds properly. – Cinnamin Barry

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 738 Bancroft Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Phone: (925) 938-8525

Rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars (2.8 / 5)


Doctor already sent in prescriptions but waited more than an hour to get all three prescriptions after having to stand in line 4 times. Apparently my insurance did not cover one of the medication but the clerk didn’t clue me in on that until after I left the line to find out one medication was missing. – mindy yeung

Typical chain pharmacy. Depend on who works onthe shift, you get pretty louzy customer service. I do not believe there’s any yratrain what so ever. – Midori Miller

Staff pretended to have knowledge of passport photos. Did not know their own software or pricing. The clerk told up it was 14.99 for every two photo so we asked for the minimum we required when she rang us up it turns out all additional copies are .70. We asked for more of mine and she made them but when my wife asked for more of hers she and another clerk said they were too busy. If they had known or found out the pricing it would not have happened. – The Bonzootoo Review

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 1123 S California Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: (925) 933-8353


Just moved. Asked if they would sell my insulin syringes. No they require a prescription. The rest of the state doesn’t but they do. Don’t go here if you need help or if it is an emergency. They require a prescription to be able to provide non-prescription materials. – Sean Dougan

The pharmacy staff are very rude and not helpful at all. The outside of this store is filthy dirty with trash. It should be power washed once in awhile. It’s my least favorite CVS in the area for sure! Let’s clean it up and get some friendly staff in your store. – Laurie Garff

The cost of a 2032 Duracell battery at CVS on California Blvd, Walnut Creek, was $5.99. A block away, At Big 5 Sporting Goods, was $1.99. A difference of $4 on a common battery. Beware of prices at CVS. Always compare pricing before purchasing from CVS. – Sam Mak

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