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CVS Pharmacies Waco TX

CVS Pharmacies Waco TX

There are 3 CVS Pharmacies in Waco, Texas.

Best CVS Pharmacies in Waco, Texas

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 820 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76706

Phone: (254) 296-0175

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Great pharmacists and pharmacy techs. They help you, work with you, talk/listen to you, and are very nice. I appreciate things like this. – Robert Iversen

I am definitely not a fan of the CVS pharmacy. I come here because it’s the closest pharmacy to where I live and most convenient. Half of the time I come here, the staff are rude and unhelpful. Just went by five minutes ago to pick up a few prescriptions and I literally saw the guy at the window rolled his eyes at me. Sorry man.. but the facemask doesn’t hide the eyeballs. I’ve never seen a pharmacy so glum. Maybe they should add some more color on the walls. On a positive note I’ve really never had any problems getting the medication I need. But I don’t like being disrespected trying to do that. – Brooke Apperson

New Years Eve. One sales clerk. Three people in from of me and three people behind me. After a while the guy behind me said, “she’s by herself, she needs some help.” I let him know that she called for help TWICE before he got there. (That’s how long I was in line) After a couple of minutes she called for help yet again. She had to physically leave the counter and go and find someone. FINALLY someone came up front and started helping cash people out. Completely annoyed that I came in to Cvs to grab a couple of things instead of running to HEB. Absolute waste of time. The only redeeming factor was that the poor salesgirl was still so pleasant even with everything going on.
Do yourself a favor and drive a few exits to the HEB on Valley Mills – Poke

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 5401 Bosque Blvd, Waco, TX 76710

Phone: (254) 399-9140

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


It’s a typical drug store. They carry an assortment of this and that, stuff you didn’t know that you “needed” until you saw it.
A fairly large “as seen on TV” aisle. – Amy W

I spent most of the night in the er in with my husband. Being memorial day not manly places were open this morning and he couldnt wait til later. Got to target cvs and the yound man helping me told me that my insurance was no longer in network with them. He tells me but i can put discount cards on it to bring it down. Thank him. He told me it would be a 15 min wait but it was really like 5. Everyone here was so happy to help. And it made my day a little easier and less stress free. – julie McElwrath

Not the brightest people working there. It may take them quite some time to find your prescription (alphabetically), and dealing with them on the phone can be frustrating. The way this pharmacy is situated, customers can be backed up into the aisles, and new people come up and don’t know where the “line” is, or whether the two registers are open or only one. Which might change as one of the employees may just go off and you don’t know if he or she is coming back or not. So you will probably not be helped in the order in which you came, and forget having any privacy – your name, dob, address and what you are taking will be heard by all customers surrounding you. – TawnyC

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 601 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76710

Phone: (254) 741-0237


Dont expect to get anyone on the phone they never answer the phone horrible customer service. How are they supposed to help you if they dont answer the phone it forces you to have to come in. They dont care either to answer the phone they seem to think it’s ok just to not get it. No accountability – geo monty

Im Epileptic and I ran out of my recuse mediation. Word got around and the manager doesn’t approve controlled substances. I do not abuse drugs. I used legal prescriptions to treat my episodes. When I didnt hear anything from the pharmacy and I called the nurse to see if she can help (which she always does) and the manager hung up on her??? – Kenda Henbest

Used to be a great pharmacy. Long-haired hippy guy ruined that. Always tells me it’s not covered under insurance when it is, doesn’t want to accept transfers from other pharmacies, and I have to always make multiple calls to doctor and insurance company to get everything worked out. Never had this problem before this guy was at the pharmacy. – Darren Young

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