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CVS Pharmacies Santa Maria CA

CVS Pharmacies Santa Maria CA

There are 5 CVS Pharmacies in Santa Maria, California.

Best CVS Pharmacies in Santa Maria, California

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 2116 S Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: (805) 922-7934

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Best pharmacy, used to go to Costco they are absolutely horrible, I never know when my Rx needs to be filled. The techs at CVS know our names and always help. Better than Costco 100%???????????????? – Christine Ala

The best drug stores in the USA! They have ceased selling tobacco products. What a great concept for a store that trys to help people stay healthy! I love it, why don’t all drug stores do that? – Patricia Hoffman

Incompetent and rude pharmacy. Picked which customers to address instead of who was in line. Could not answer simple questions. Luckily, the cashiers knew more about the medicine available in the store and which isles they were in than the pharmacy people. So pharmacy, 1-star and cashier/store, 5-star. – Sammy G

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 733 E Main St, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: (805) 922-2040

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Jonathan at the pharmacy counter provides outstanding customer service. Jon is amazingly efficient while still being caring. This CVS location always greets you with a smile and hello at the entrance. Great job! – Renea Nicodemus

Carrie operation manager helped me and went out of the way to show me around store and find all item and get the prices I needed thank you again – Javier Cardenas jr.

This pharmacy is one of the busiest because it’s simply the best! Managed by Sean and staffed by intelligent, kind parmacists and techs, this team does their very best every day to fill prescriptions for our community members. I drive from Orcutt to this pharmacy because I’ve never been told my medication is “out if stock” as has been the case in other parts of town. I believe they are so busy because I’m not the only one driving to the most trustworthy and reliable pharmacy in Santa Maria. – Deborah Whitford

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 223 Betteravia Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: (805) 922-7184

Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)


I have never had a bad experience with this pharmacy. They are always courteous and willing to answer any and all questions I have on my medications. Sandra is especially knowledgeable, and very kind as well! My prescriptions are always filled quickly and easily picked up. – Rain F

Dealing with this CVS Pharmacy has been an absolute nightemare of an experience. The pharmacist Sandra is completely incompetent and lazy and refuses to do her job. We were visiting Santa Maria from Temecula and asked my mothers prescription be sent here since we often use CVS and have had them send prescriptions in the past with no issue. The day we arrive we Head into the pharmacy and they claim the doctor never sent any prescription and they close in 10 minutes. So the following morning we call our doctor and they apologize for the inconvenience even though they did send it, but they would send it again. So a couple hours later we call the pharmacy to make sure it has arrived and again the pharmacist assistant Michael tells us theirs no prescription. After we ask him to check the inbox’s or waiting prescriptions he gave us attitude and said oh yeah it’s here. When we went in later in the evening Sandra the pharmacist was completely rude and snarky and very condescending. After calling CVS Customer service they called and verified the incompetence of Sandra and had our prescription sent else where. Go to any other pharmacy except the one at this Target location. The entire staff will lie to your face and throw one another under the bus. When we got a call back from customer service Sandra lied to the customer service representative and said that she would be able to fill the prescription now because we came in and provided more information to her, which was a complete lie and we asked the prescription be sent to another pharmacy. – Jacob Hagerman

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 4852 S Bradley Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: (805) 938-9994

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


Getting real tired of waiting in the pharmacy line for ten to fifteen minutes everytime. Get rid of the line or I’m going somewhere else. – Chuck Weyant

Do NOT do your refills through their automated system. (Called Saturday)My prescription was expired so they asked me if I wanted it faxed over for a refill I pressed yes. It told me it would be ready Tuesday , I call Tuesday and they tell me it hasn’t even been faxed!!! Ugh so annoying just don’t go here. – Liliana Luevano

They screw up the order almost every time I come in. They are rude beyond belief. Even calling the orders in and speaking directly with the pharmacist doesn’t help. I have one more refill…then CVS can ‘jump in a lake’ (insert any nasty, terrible word here). – Tim Robinson

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 1830 N Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: (805) 348-3555

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


I like CVS but they never seem to have my favorite perfume. I keep going back and back and they always say they don’t know when it’s coming in. Not very friendly the staff. They act like they don’t want there and so they treat their customers as tho they are a burden. I don’t like going into this store but I do because it’s near my home. – Ann Margaret

I think they rip off customers. If there is an item in the wrong place or wrong price they don’t honor that price. When you want a refund and you loose the receipt on a defective item they won’t refund you even if you have a bank statement of the fee you paid with their name. Basically they still your money. – Marisa Navarrete

I dropped off a prescription and I was told in 15 min. Came back in 20 min, waited in line for 10 min to be told that their medicine was expired. They called other cvs and was on hold for 10 min. Until another pharmacists called the doctors direct line. To make story short went to the other pharmacy and waited 45 additional min to obtain muscle spasm medication. – Juan Cabrera

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