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CVS Pharmacies Pinole CA

CVS Pharmacies Pinole CA

There are 3 CVS Pharmacies in Pinole, California.

Best CVS Pharmacies in Pinole, California

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 1400 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole, CA 94564

Phone: (510) 222-9281

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Always a great experience when Flora answers the phone. Flora has excellent customer service skills. very genuine. She remembers me by name and my husband too! She is very friendly and does her best to take care of you. The other pharmacy team members are nice and friendly too. But, Flora, just has that extra spark. James, I think that’s his name, is good with customer service in person. Sometimes, its get pretty hectic and things get a little flustered with my meds, but we seem to work it out. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that sometimes when they have you on hold for a long time, sometimes they accidentally hang up on me. Other than that, they are an awesome bunch of people. Especially Flora. – Risha J


Address: 1617 Canyon Dr, Pinole, CA 94565

Phone: (510) 724-8880

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


good service. had to make a run for some ginger tea and one cashier was at a crawl. Other employee who was on her break i belive opened up her lain, giving us enough time to get back. Much appreciated. – Joshua Jackson

Newer store, beautiful landscaping but as of 11/8/2019, cement entrance is stained in many places from drinks etc. There are also some dead plants. Please don’t let this be another new store that doesn’t follow up with landscaping and cleanliness concerns. There is a large stain on the carpet in the store as well. We are buying pharmacy and food in the store so you shouldn’t have to see grunginess. – Kris H

New, very clean, friendly and helpful employees that give good customer services, and generally fully stocked (but the beer and ice cream cooler seems to not be available occasionally,?)……


Overall, good pharmacy (plenty of seating about 6 chairs), and a quick check-out CVS if you just want to buy a few things and get going.

Also, it is a nice improvement then the old building by Safeway (to the old time locals – the old Long’s Drug store location where CVS moved in), but that old location was rundown, tired and had a very busy parking lot (probably a 2, 3-star review), but this new location is up the hill on Canyon, much more suitable for this kind of business, less parking lot drama with no homeless begging at the entry,

Parking – the parking is just for CVS customers, although there only seems to be 4 disabled parking spaces, and a few adjacent “electrical car spaces” where no one ever seems to use, but overall plenty of parking surrounding building, where one doesn’t have to walk far.

Bathrooms? Haven’t been there long enough to ask to use, but will update my review when that day comes.

Location – Near public transportation (bus stop), doctor offices (on the other corner), near the freeway exit (Appian & I-80) and just down the road from Fitzgerald Shopping Center. I visit this location twice a month. – Robert Frisbie

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 1617 Canyon Dr, Pinole, CA 94564

Phone: (510) 724-8880

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


I love CVS, but this location is a must avoid. The store is dirty and stinky, but the real problem is the clueless staff. Usually CVS employees are great, but my checkout was so botched I had to just leave and go to another location. – Morgan Lyn

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