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CVS Pharmacies Homestead FL

CVS Pharmacies Homestead FL

There are 5 CVS Pharmacies in Homestead, Florida.

Best CVS Pharmacies in Homestead, Florida

Navarro Discount Pharmacy

Address: 2614 NE 10th Ct, Homestead, FL 33033

Phone: (305) 242-0377

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


If I were evaluating the pharmacist Juan he would get 5 stars unfortunately as a whole I can only say 3 stars it was 1 star but went up because of Juan personalized care for his patients. I need to make an update as I have been going to this pharmacy now for about a year. I only trust my meds to Juan the pharmacist. He was recently out due to an injury and I’ll tell you I missed his accuracy and his counterside manner. Very professional. They did have a floater her name was Shondra who was excellent. 12/23/17 I have SPMS and Cancer for the fourth time. I previously got all of my prescriptions for ten years with another pharmacy. In July right after the removal of a cancerous tumor my insurance changed and the new insurance had a contract with Navarro. I started getting all my medications from there with no problem it is over 10k a month in prescriptions. This month I go to give my scripts and because the pharmacist is on vacation until the 18th my scripts cannot be filled. I blame this on the addicts that abused the meds, the DEA for creating a system that even the terminally ill, chronic and frail patients cannot be properly medicated. For the political spin on Obamacare & Governor Rick Scott. Rick Scott biast that Florida is in a surplus since he took over but he doesn’t speak of the disabled he has cut funding to and added programs that don’t meet our needs. – Liset Angela Garcia

Sometimes I go there to buy things and everything very well … but today I went to do a western junior … and it was not the right treatment … I just want to say if they get up with the bad day … go to work because nobody likes to be treated badly … – Gersy Bbcita

I like to thank Sandra the supervisor of Navarro. She was amazingly helpful and made sure the dilemma with my photos was fixed and made sure to my satisfaction that everything was to my liking… amazing woman. THANK YOU. – Judy Baumeister

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 24799 SW 112th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032

Phone: (305) 257-3233

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


I would like to say a big thank you to an employee named Darnell he is always willing to help and make things happen in a timely manner, even when his colleagues say it will take them at least an hour, and this has been on more than one occasion when I thought I might have to lose my temper. Again a big thank you to Mr.Darnell he is an asset to your company. – Pauline Theobalds

This store has everything I need in it. My problem with this store is that it is not 24 hours. This neighborhood is growing at such a fast rate with all the housing being built and we still don’t have a 24 hour pharmacy. I don’t want to have to drive 15-30 minutes away to get medicine in the middle of the night when you guys are located right down the block. – Julie Cores

I hate that CVS turned off Google pay. I stopped shopping at CVS due to it. As for the store, it can use a little TLC. – Joel Montes de Oca

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 909 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030

Phone: (305) 248-5211

Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars (2.7 / 5)


All the CVS pharmacies near me do not have 24 hours my bad experience that when I went to pick up my medicine it was not enough because they were going to close????☹ – Diocelina Benitez

Wait-time for callers is too long if you’re wanting to speak to anyone in their pharmacy department. Can be corrected, if they tried. – Carl Smith

Not almost employees !! And the same ones that serve the photo area are cashiers too! The wait is horrible! Only for photos! OMG !! – Jaime Santiago

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 2780 Campbell Dr, Homestead, FL 33033

Phone: (305) 245-4992

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


Never never go to this CVS for MoneyGram service. You are not a priority or seen as a customer. They never have cash and will take care of everyone in the store before they do you. Also sarcasm is at its highest when you ask for someone to help you. – Deborah Seaton

Two stars I like cvs !!! But let me tell u the pharmacy is no bueno u will be waiting here forever!!!! And they always mess up!!! Get it together cvs pharmacy!!! – bryant rios

Their customer service sucks. I went to the pharmacy department for help, they gave me wrong information, could not help me find items as simple as eye drops, and gave me a price when I made the order and wanted to charge three times when I went to pick up. I’ll stick to walgreens from now on. – Klaus Marrow

CVS Pharmacy y más

Address: 28740 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33033

Phone: (305) 248-1761


Avoid this CVS. Incompetent staff. Rude and terrible customer service. Absolutely no courtesy whatsoever. Either they are desperate and would hire anyone or whoever is in charge of hiring needs to go to a class to learn what to look for in an applicant. One star is too much for this place . – Asif Siddiqui

This is the worst store I have ever went to. I don’t ever write reviews but I had to say something. My insurance plan is tied with CVS and this store is close to my house but I have to drive 10 miles because the employee’s are rude and not helpful not to mention when you call no one answered the phone – Wade Seaman

Worst customer service ever, stay away from this place the staff has no customer service or common sense including the manager Raquel. I understand and take into consideration not to expect much from a retail store manager but Jesus Christ the level of ignorance of this woman it’s impressive… – JOHNSER ROBAINA

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