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Walgreens Pharmacy in Victorville CA

Walgreens Pharmacy in Victorville CA

There are 3 Walgreens Pharmacies in Victorville, California.

Best Walgreens pharmacies in Victorville, California

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 13655 Bear Valley Rd, Victorville, CA 92392, United States

Phone: +1 760-949-8930

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Robert is the best Walgreens manager I have encountered, he makes you feel welcomed (I use coupons) there’s not many managers like that. I purchased detergent and I toughth I was going to be limetel but he said youryo more than welcome to come back for more I have plenty! That’s how all Walgreens managers should be. – Adass

This review is for Patricia in the pharmacy
This woman is the most helpful caring professional pharmacy employee I have ever been blessed with as a patron of this store she is incredible her efforts In Customer Service go above and beyond the realm of normalcy she deserves praise and a Raise THANK YOU YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!your neighborhood customer – lynette bangert

I like this Walgreens because of the location but I REALLY wish the pharmacy was open 24 hrs. I usually get all my prescriptions filled at the one on Hesperia because of that reason. Otherwise, no other problems here. – Brenda

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 12184 Palmdale Rd, Victorville, CA 92394, United States

Phone: +1 760-561-7009

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


The pharmacy is horrible. I take seven medications and its alllwayysss something when I go in there to pick them up. Their app is junk too. Even if my meds are on auto refill and it says they’re ready , I go in and they say ” hmmm I dont see that it went through. Weird.. wonder why” aghhhh Save yourself a headache and go to CVS – laura barnes

This is the cleanest and most organized Walgreens location I’ve ever been to. As always, they have a pretty good selection and some decent prices on most of the merchandise. It pays to be a member of the rewards program and to watch out for the special deals. – Andrew Jeppesen

The female pharmacist lied to my face!! I have had others complain about this woman. They no longer use this pharmacy, because of her! I was upset, and I felt totally disrespected! All people want is to fill their prescriptions and not be judged by someone, who lies about your insurance not covering your medications, because “she” feels A certain type away about them! – Charmaine Just Me

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 15318 Roy Rogers Dr, Victorville, CA 92394, United States

Phone: +1 760-952-7555

Rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars (2.8 / 5)


Worst customer service, they had to call in a pharmacist substitute, cause the only Pharm they have called out. They don’t have meds to fill and they always say maybe tomorrow. Been waiting 6 days already. Unfortunately the only pharmacy in my area… Been to another Walgreen the same worst service. – Valerie Hernandez

Waited for someone to answer phone was put on hold. Then when phone rang (I guess it was my turn), it wrang no one picked up so it dis connected me. Called back. Same thing. If you are from out of town and your home is in a different time zone. Go somewhere else!!!!!!!! This drug store is dangerous. – IamLovinCalifornia

One of the worst I have ever dealt with. Left them after having problem after problems with their Pharmacy. Told that female manager, nothing happens, when it happen again call the store to speak with the manager and was left hanging twice. She never picked up the phone. Left this store for another place. – Art Brown

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