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Walgreens Pharmacy in Fontana CA

Walgreens Pharmacy in Fontana CA

There are 3 Walgreens Pharmacies in Fontana, California.

Best Walgreens pharmacies in Fontana, California

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 11121 Sierra Ave, Fontana, CA 92337

Phone: (909) 356-9715

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


This rating is for the pharmacy. Horrible service every time I go. The guy pharmacist is terrible and can’t hardly work their system! Their techs constantly give out incorrect information and try to make the customer feel at fault. We drive 20 miles to go to a Walgreens pharmacy with competent staff! – Melissa Enochs

Wait times are long.
It’s best to go an hour or 2 before closing.
Lead Pharmacist is generally clueless when prescription has been sent.
You receive a call telling you your meds are ready for pickup, but when you arrive,they aren’t even ready,or they have no clue the order was placed for refill. – Gary Haber

Bad experience with Johanna I think this is what is called the help in the photography area they are very busy with their cell phone as to help to use the photo printer machines if they do not have patience I should look for another job I never use my money again to pay for my work salary. What is so ugly is bitter – Isabel Guerrero

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 16145 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana, CA 92336

Phone: (909) 356-9167

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)


HORRIBLE! O stars!!!
Take your prescriptions somewhere else! Horrible wait times! Prescriptions are never complete and you could be straight out of surgery and they don’t give a rats a$$. Also…. They seem to forget to charge your insurance and want to charge you full price. WTF! Really?! – Teresa Bell

worst service by the pharmacy and manager Mindy ever waited on hold for 15 minutes for the pharmacy then the manager and she never got the call they waited until pharmacy closed to get call cause they didn’t want to take the call because they are just about to get off of work – Santiago Avila

This place is a den of incompetence. Not only are they three times the price of just about everywhere else they can barely fill a prescription without f___ing it up. Give this place a wide berth. If you want good service and prices go 500 yards east to Ralphs pharmacy. Its top notch and the people and prices are much better. – Dale Malone

Walgreens Pharmacy

Address: 16108 Foothill Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335

Phone: (909) 357-6900

Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars (3.1 / 5)


This is a great pharmacy! They are able to fill your prescriptions quickly and take time to answer questions. Very friendly employees. I pay extra to my insurance so I can use them as my preferred pharmacy because they are so fast and helpful. I never have to wait for a drug that is”out of stock”. – Shelley Wilson

Extremely poor customer service at the pharmacy. The team shows no empathy, and some individuals spent more time chatting with friends across the counter than helping guests. After a 45-minute wait with a very sick baby, we were handed half of our prescriptions and told the pharmacy was closed. – LeeAnne Gomes

This is the WORST pharmacy I’ve ever had to deal with! They are more than slow inside and the drive thru is even worse than waiting inside! I mean a 45 minute wait is ridiculous. They are so rude and don’t care that you’ve been waiting for a prescription. I hate that I have to deal with them each month! – brandy potter22

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